To be trained in CPR is having a specific set of skills to save someones life if they are in cardiac arrest.

Thousands of people die from cardiac arrest each year. In a lot of cases, no one that is trained in CPR is around to remedy these life threatening situations. Along with this, anyone can go into cardiac arrest for various reasons; adults, children, and the elderly are all at risk. That's why anyone and everyone can benefit from knowing CPR.

Although most medical professionals are required to be CPR certified, we encourage parents, grandparents, teachers, personal trainers, baby sitters, coaches, bus drivers, and anyone who's interested to learn CPR.

When you know how to do CPR you can:

  • Save a person's life
  • Reduce the risk of a person suffuring damage to their heart, brain, and other vital organs

Need to book a CPR class for yourself, a group, or your organization?

We offer flexbility when getting your CPR classes scheduled. We can also travel directly to your location* to conduct a class.

We currently host classes on the Westside of Atlanta, GA but can travel to any state in the US to conduct a class for you. Keep in mind that your CPR certification expires after 2 years, so you can also book with us for a renewal class.

*We'll discuss travel fees in our consultation based on your location.

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